Sell Any Gaming Equipment on SlotCycle

Sell Any Gaming Equipment on SlotCycle

SlotCycle design supports sellers listing just about any item that it takes to operate a casino or gaming operation.  While our proprietary workflows, the escrow process, and 3rd party partners are focused on selling used slot machines quickly and efficiently, SlotCycle supports Operators in selling all kinds of gaming equipment.  Interestingly enough, SlotCycle’s first transaction was selling 500 chairs for 2X what the seller thought they were worth.

Equipment sold on SlotCycle is placed in a Product Listing, which refers to how Sellers present the equipment in an eCommerce ad for Buyers to make a purchase.  Below is an example of a Product Listing from SlotCycle.

At SlotCycle, we separate our Product Listing categories into two groups: 1) regulated equipment 2) non-regulated equipment.  Regulated equipment is products that require special permission from Federal, State, and Local governments to ship, place, operate and sell.  In SlotCycle, those are typically slot machines and multi-terminal gaming machines.  Non-Regulated equipment is everything else.  Usually, if you can ship the goods by FedEx, it fits in the non-regulated segment, and if you have to look at the regulations and file paperwork, it is in the regulated segment.

When you create a Product Listing within SlotCycle, you can choose from categories that include: slot machines, multi-terminals, table games, chairs-stools, bill validators/ticket printers, spare parts/game kits, systems components, and ‘other’ category.  Each category has specific sets of information requested to help guide you in creating your Product Listing.  For example, the Product Listing for Slot Machines is entirely different than Chairs-Stools or Table Games.

We believe you will find our Product Listing process to be easy to use and full of robust features.  There are lots of categories to support your selling activities.  If you have questions, feel free to engage our team.  We are here to help and support your selling activities.


Jeff Jordan

Jeff Jordan has +25 years’ experience in the Gaming Industry. He is the Founder and Managing Director of SlotCycle. SlotCycle seeks to transform how casinos buy and sell gaming equipment. Jeff has served the industry as a consultant and as an executive. He has participated in more than 30 consulting engagements serving a wide range of clients, from startups to multi-billion firms. He has served in Executive roles with some of the best brands in the business: MGM Resorts International, IGT, Aristocrat, PlayStudios. He has experience in casino operations, slot machine development, casino management systems, social casinos, and skill gaming. Jeff has an EMBA from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Managerial Finance.


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